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Welcome to my commissions page! (ෆ˙ᵕ˙ෆ)♡
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Things I won't draw :
✖ Extreme NSFW
✖ Extreme Gore
✖ Offensive Art
✖ Realistic Art

Term of Service

Please kindly read before sending your commission request! 😊» I currently only accept commissions via artistnclient and paypal payment (request via mail or twitter DM)
» Price may change anytime, please check my current price before requesting.
» I will only start working on your commissions after full payment.
» It usually take around 10 work day to finish a commission but might differ depending on my schedule and the workload of the commission.
» I don't work on weekends and national holiday (specifically Indonesian national holiday)
» If your commission is urgent please tell me when requesting, I don't accept deadlines unless discussed beforehand. Short deadline time will have additional rush fee.
» I will send you rough sketch to confirm after full payment is done.
» You can request for edits on pose etc before I start my coloring process.
» I only accept color edits after my coloring process unless I did a mistake or forgot to draw something that's agreed beforehand.
» Please give me clear description of your desired art when sending your commissions request. (Refer to my form for description sample)
» Complex designs (complicated armors/backgrounds/etc) and extra characters are subject to extra fee
» I reserve the right to post your commission to social media, If you prefer me not to, please let me know.
» I reserve the right to use your commission for Samples on commission posts/Portfolio/Self-promotion purpose/etc. If you prefer me not to, please also let me know.
» commissioned artwork are for personal use only unless discussed otherwise.
» Please apply for commercial use rights if you're planning to use my art commercially or resell it.
» I don't accept refund.
» I assume you read and agreed on my term of service by commissioning me.
Thank you for reading~! 💕

Chibi Style

Fully colored custom chibi.Please state your desired chibi size (style) when ordering :Type A : $18/Character
Type B : $15/Character
Additional charges may apply for complicated designs (complicated armors, props, additional characters etc)transparent background/flat colors are free.
More complex background are of additional charge.

Tall Chibi Style

Fully colored tall custom chibi.$20/CharacterAdditional charges may apply for complicated designstransparent background/flat colors are free.
More complex background are of additional charge.

Anime Style

Drawing of your chosen character/person in anime style.Headshot : $12/character
Waist : $20/character
Fullbody : $25/character
Additional charges may apply for complicated designs (armor, complicated props, backgrounds)

Custom Emotes

Custom chibi style emotes.Base price is $12/character,
+$12 for extra character in one emote.
Additional charges may apply for complicated designs
Feel free to tell me if you have preferred custom size (default size 500x500px)
Bulk order is welcome😊

Current Work in Progress

ArtistnClient Commission :
#155645 (Estimated Completion Date: 15/2/2023)
Twitter Commission :
@Cuddlxxx (Estimated Completion Date: 9/2/2023)

How to apply for my commission :

Send me a description of your desired comissions via any of these links :

Here's a template that you can use when applying :

Commission Type : (Chibi/anime/emotes)
Type : (Full body/head shot/Chibi type a, type b,etc)
Preferred Pose/face Expressions : (can also be image references)
Clothes/props descriptions : (can also be image references)
Any extra reference : (image references,links,etc)
Background request :
Brief details of the commission :